I love my job sometimes….esp when your serving a very good looking customer! ; )

I know sometimes i think about my past but tbh im so glad ive moved on and have such an amazing life…uni is going great, im actually in a job that i sort of like, ive moved.out of my parents and have such an amazing flat and all i can think of is the future!! Amazing holidays in new york, portugal and australia and hopefully in one years time ill be finally getting my dream job of a journalist. But for now im just going to have fun and work my ass off to finish this degree!

Find it funny when people take the piss the fact that im a waitress at a resturant when they are ones themselves : / and the fact that im at uni trying to get my degree whikst having my articles published everywhere and your just a waiter…no uni no life dream….i think we both know who wins dont you?

Looking at all these cute bikinis makes me want to go on a beach summer holiday…bring on portugal and australia : D

Actually started my essay!! Got some more work done…went to work on my day off and now a surprise visit to the mothers…not a bad days